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New plants added to stock list.

I am adding quite a few new plants to the stock list this week. Prices vary from £2- £4.50 depending on variety and size….

Alchemilla erythropoda; 3 varieties Astrantia- Florence/ Madeleine/ Venice; Buddleja Buzz Sky Blue; 3 varieties Brunnera- Jack Frost/ Looking Glass/ King’s Ransome; Centaurea Black Sprite; Delphinium Magic Fountain; Eryngium Jade Frost; Filipendula Aurea; Germander; Helenium (mixed); Lobelia Queen Victoria; Nepeta Blue Infinity; Nepeta 6 Hill’s Giant; Potentilla Monarch’s Velvet; Phystostegia 3 colours; Salvia Uliginosa; Veronica Gentianoides; Veronica Gentianoides Variegata.

I have a variety of alpines at £1.50 and several varieties of miniature Hostas at £3.50 each.

Ring me on 01202 695256 or, if you prefer, Email me on to arrange a time to come and visit the nursery. Hope to see you soon!

Ponies, belly dancers and a challenging day!

We attended the Holton Lee summer fair yesterday and enjoyed ourselves, selling a good number of plants. The star plant for this sale was Salvia Icing Sugar..what a great plant for long flowering in a sunny spot. Have sold out of Salvia Hot Lips now, that has been so popular! Will try and get some more very soon.

Thanks as always to Holton Lee officials for making sure we were safe, as the wind caused a lot of stallholders to actually lose their gazebos in the awful gusts that kept hitting us. I expect a lot were badly bent, but due to the sterling efforts of Bob and our friend Tessa who have created a most unique gazebo for the nursery to use at sales, ours didn’t budge an inch! It was incredible actually but some of the credit must go to the 8inch heavy duty tent pegs which Bob drove in with a mallet- we would recommend them!

Highlights of the day were the great guitar players and singers, the bellydancers who were excellent( Bobs favourite act) and at one stage the organisers had to attempt to round up 5 ponies that fancied having a look round! They looked wonderful cantering up and down the field!

Looking forward to going out selling again, but not sure if it will be before the Purbeck Rally and Autojumble in August.

Visitors are very welcome here- just give me a ring to come and check out my plants! Be very glad to see you. 🙂

Holton Lee Summer Fair 16th June

OUR NEXT STALL will be at the Summer Fair at Holton Lee, Sandford on 16th June.

See if you’re interested.


Colour Photograph of Trees on the Heathland

Holton Lee covers an area of 350 acres and contains habitats which include heathland, saltmarsh, reedbed and woodland. The majority of the site is recognised and protected as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Holton Lee strives to provide access for all to the environment with accessible pathways that interconnect the varying habitats, interpretation panels, resting places and waymarkers, as well as maintaining and conserving the natural interest of the SSSI.

Mother and baby Sika Deer in field. The mother deer is stood still looking towards the camera, and the baby deer is on its hind legs, moving away.

They aim to be as sustainable as possible and therefore utilise the products obtained from woodland management to make charcoal, provide food to their respite care centre The Barn, from  Ashtree Cottage Garden as well as sell their own honey and venison sausages.

Holton Lee is a unique, secluded part of Dorset where visitors can get away from the stresses of life and find time and space for personal growth through access to the arts and the natural environment. All the facilities at Holton Lee have been designed and built to ensure that they are accessible to everyone. Whether you are interested in holiday accommodation, a wedding venue, artists’ studios, exhibition space, conference rooms or just a walk in the beautiful surroundings, Holton Lee has it all!

Come and enjoy a visit to the summer fair (buy some plants,we’ll keep them for you till the end of the day), have lunch and a nice stroll around the site! The weather forecast is improving!  🙂