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Autumn falls and plans for the new season in 2013

Well, this was the first season for Northbrook Nursery and it went too fast! Now my sale plants are reclining under a blanket of poplar leaves twirling and tumbling down from the massive trees up above.


I’ll be kept out of mischief ,as soon as they are all down, clearing up so the plants can enjoy maximum light in the ever increasingly dark days.

What for next year? Well, a few plants fairs are being booked to ‘get us out there’ with selling. My vision is to get more people through the side gate and into the garden on their way up to view the plants in my tiny plant nursery at the top. To try and promote Northbrook Nursery as a ‘garden nursery’ and to advertise more- especially in the local area, as I know we aren’t known enough at the moment. True to say ”I have a dream” and I intend to follow it 🙂

The selection of perennials will increase next year, which is very exciting.I tend to stock the plants I really like myself, so the varieties will vary from time to time!  We are changing the layout in the nursery area,adding stands and another greenhouse and increasing the sales area.

Sale plants are still available if anyone wants to buy, although most will be dying down for the winter. They are, ofcourse, easier to post without so much green top growth on them!

Wishing all my customers a content winter season and hope to see you next Spring!  Happy Gardening    🙂