Archive | December 2017

Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish all the visitors to my website very best wishes for a wonderful festive period, wherever you live.

People come onto this website from all over the world- dozens of different countries-  which always amazes and interests me!

2018 is just round the corner now, with it comes the new growing season. We have lots of events planned for next year, which will be listed on here shortly.

I am changing the opening hours of the nursery here in 2018- for 2 reasons really. Firstly to free up some time for me and secondly because the visitor numbers here have fallen recently, which makes me question the sense in being tied here ‘just in case’ when my time could be better spent where I grow offsite.  The new hours will be just one day less, so we’ll open Thurs & Fri 10-4. If anyone would like to come and browse the plants at other times, please do phone (01202 695256) to arrange a suitable time.Evenings are ok too, when we get to the summer and have daylight later.

Once again, Happy Christmas x