Extraordinary times….

We didn’t expect to be in these surreal times when we raised a glass to welcome in 2020. But here we are in weird times, jogging along from day to day not knowing what to expect the next day-or even the next minute! Usually we are getting ready to start our first plant fairs of the season, but all events are cancelled until July at the earliest.

Consequently plant nurseries all over the country are at full capacity of young stock, many starting the season early with Spring bedding and later Summer bedding. Many are giving plants away or composting them as they need the growing room for the plants for later in the season.

What about us? We always start our season selling small 9cm plants most of which are perennials, some less hardy than others.At the moment we have 800 plug plants of 15 varieties growing on, ready to be sold in about May, to be planted out after the threat of frost has gone. With no events to take all these plants to, lack of space might well be a real issue as well as some of them are used for Summer colour.

I am in isolation for 12 weeks (10 more to go from now!) as I am in the extremely vulnerable group, which means that if I get the c-virus I will probably be hospitalised. How lucky I am to work from home, so that I can get out in the fresh air! No other contact with anyone though-no shops, no friends,no family other than hubby, nothing.To shield myself.

Because of this, I am not able to do mail order or to offer delivery.

I have at the moment a small selection of perennial plants to sell & have devised a contact-free method of selling to LOCAL people who can walk here to collect, as ofcourse non essential travel is not allowed. So- you select which plants you fancy & pre-order via email, choose how to pay (Bacs, Paypal or cash) and collect from the front of the property. All plants are priced at £5 per pot with the minimum pot size 1lt. If you want to pre-order any of the plants listed below, please email me on marg@northbrooknursery.co.uk.       Thank you.


Polemonium Stairway to Heaven 1.5lt


Polemonium Halfway to Paradise 1.5lt



Enter a caption


Parahebe Mervyn 1lt



Erythronium Pagoda 2lt



Scilla Peruviana- 1 bulb per pot







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