Covid-19 & Shielding..

I’m glad that I have managed to get past the stage of calling the virus ”Corvid”…the members of the Crow family round here weren’t at all impressed!

This week lots of plant nurseries and garden centres were allowed to re-open after a good few weeks of trying to sell their plants by mail order or delivery. We will remain CLOSED and battle on trying to sell our stock using a contact-free method involving collecting yourself or a weekly Sunday delivery by my Hubby. I have to say, this has been working really well.

Myself, I have been advised to continue shielding until the end of June at the earliest. This is a daunting prospect, as although to be frank, I am petrified of catching the Coronavirus as I have CLL which is a type of Leukaemia. I am approaching treatment & my immune system is severely immunocompromised making it very likely that I will end up being that person in ICU on a ventilator if I catch it. After 8 weeks, the strain of not being able to see and cuddle my kids and Grandchildren- and Hubby- is beginning to grip. We are relatively lucky where we live-our area has had a low number of cases & fatalities as compared to London for example.

Shielding…Hhmmm….life shielding means no contact with anyone else.It means living in fear that my essential worker Hubby will catch it himself or bring it home to me and having to social distance from him in the home-just when you so need a good cuddle.. It means feeling stressed & weeping when you can’t get a home delivery shopping slot- even after you sit up till midnight 2 nights in a row-as you don’t want Hubby to have to go in the germ pit which is Tesco, but really you just want to go yourself. It means feeling euphoric when you get a priority shopping pass!! And religiously wiping down everything, just in case…And washing those hands again & again…And using lots of handcream lol. It means looking forward to Thursday nights clapping for the NHS as it’s the only time you see the neighbours. I could go on and on, but I won’t 😀

Instead I will give Thanks for not living in a flat but having a lovely big garden to get out in and my plant sales business which is in it’s busy time. I give Thanks that I bought that pallet of compost in when I did!!  I give Thanks for being able to get in my car & drive 5 minutes up the road to my Father-in-laws where the other half of my plant stock is, safe in my own area.I give Thanks for the offers of help from my Family & friends all of whom are safe from the virus so far.

And Thanks to all the lovely local customers that have purchased plants from us so far this season. Please have a look at the Available Stock 2020 page which has all the details you need on there.


Still lots of small plants awaiting their new homes,in our conservatory! 3 for £10



Please email me on if you’d like to buy some plants.

And most of all STAY SAFE, don’t take any risks & STAY HOME as much as possible!



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