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Lots of Plants still available!

Here we are at the end of week 12 of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 2m distance between us and mega handwashing has become a way of life. Rainbows are still very much evident and we wish we could see to the end of this particular one. But I fear there is no end. Life when shielding stretches on into the distance too, as the dates given seem to be extending- Wales is 16th August now & we expect an update on Monday for England. Fear is still palpable for patients with blood cancer, who would have an extremely poor prognosis should they end up in ICU when positive for Covid 19.

Northbrook Nursery will be remaining CLOSED to visitors for the foreseeable future but ofcourse we still have plenty of plants to sell contact-free from the front of the property & there is a free local delivery offered, on a Sunday only, on orders over £20. Many thanks to all my lovely customers who have bought in this strange way so far this season & have given lovely feedback on how pleased they are with their plants.

Please have a peek at the Stock list on this website & also you can visit the nursery Facebook page- please give us a LIKE  🙂  Ordering can be done by Inbox on FB or email>

Hoping to hear from you soon! 

                                                        Happy Gardening…..Margaret x



I have various varieties of lovely PHLOX available…Large are £6.50, smaller £4.50.

Varieties are Nora Leigh, Elisabeth, Harlequin (2), Franz (1), The King (1) The plants are very good quality, in 4lt pots & will grow away nicely in the mixed border. Nora Leigh, Elisabeth & Harlequin have variegated foliage.

First come,first serve with these-one they’re gone, they’re gone.

Local buyers only please-no mail order. Collection from here or a local delivery on a Sunday on orders over £20.






Nepeta Subsessilis on SALE

Happy new month planty people (week 11 for shielding) and I wish you all a happier month than the previous 10 weeks that we have been locked down, thanks to the Covid-19.

Normally we would have been selling at 7 different plant events by now, many of which would have been our biggest earners of the plant season. However, due to having to shield myself and be extremely careful to try and not catch the virus, I have been selling from home using a contact-free system. It’s been weird not seeing and meeting customers but everyone seems very happy with their plants and the safe way things have been going. My lovely helpful Hubby (who’s very smart now he’s had a haircut lol) will deliver on Sundays for orders over £20 in this local area.

I have a glut of a lovely nectar plant called Nepeta Subsessilis for sun or some part shade. These are either blue OR pink, I can’t tell which at the moment as they aren’t flowering yet-so all the best is to come! Dead head and they will carry on flowering. These are large plants,and I am selling them at £2.50 each- yes, only £2.50. First come, first served, so email me on

I still have plenty of ALSTROEMERIA INDIAN SUMMER available too, 2Lt plants that are just budding up @£9 each.


Flowers of a blue Nepeta Subsessilis £2.50 per pot


One of the actual Nepeta Subsessilis that are for sale £2.50 each…what a bargain!! Plants of Alstroemeria Indian Summer are just behind.