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Super Salvias…

It’s true to say I really love Salvias. And so do the insects.On a lovely sunny day when there is enough heat to energise the bees, watch as they buzz from flower to flower on the Salvias, and bee amazed as you see them bite a hole in the back of the flower to grab the essential nectar instead of entering the actual flower.

I still have plenty of gorgeous Salvias for sale…3 main varieties…HOT LIPS,  AMETHYST LIPS & KISSES & WISHES. These are good size plants-1lt and 2lt and they will flower all the rest of the season if deadheaded, giving wonderful colour to your patios or borders.

Who can resist at 3 for a tenner…yes, that’s 3 for £10, or £3.50 each!

Please email me if you wish to order…

The nursery is remaining CLOSED…so. sorry, no visitors at the moment. We are still operating our successful collection from the front of the property & a free delivery is possible on orders over £20, but only in the local area.


The stunning Salvia Amethyst Lips


Hot Lips, Amethyst Lips, Kisses & Wishes…3 for £10