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Here comes the 2021 season!

Welcome to the new growing season for 2021!

This is starting with most of our early events cancelled or postponed, meaning that the first time we will be out this season is in June.

Starting this year, I am intending to sort of ‘semi-retire’ due to a combination of issues including getting my state pension (hurray), ill health, wanting to free up time to spend on other things and losing half my growing space, sadly due to my 89yr old Father-in-law passing away a few weeks ago and the house being marketed much later in the year.

I will be happy to welcome customers in through the side gate this season instead of selling plants contact free. This will mean you can choose your own plants again or decide not to- your choice!

It is going to be necessary for you to make an appointment to visit by emailing, phoning or direct messaging on my NN Facebook page….


Tel: 01202 695256

I may return to set opening hours later in the season, but that’s undecided just yet. Circumstances mean that I am not always able to be here.

Please note that I DO NOT DO MAIL ORDER.

Wishing you all a better Summer this year & hope to see you soon!