My Hubby has had a liking for the monster plants which are Brugmansia or Angel’s Trumpets for many years. I remember visiting Madeira and seeing large trees covered in the scented trumpets. I didn’t really anticipate we would be acquiring several of our own at that time!

They are what I call a thug and quite a needy plant as they need a lot of care in feeding and pest control, but it is absolutely worth it as what a stunning feature they make in the summer on the patio or stood in the border! And the scent they emit in the evening is just sensational.

I have propagated quite a few babies from the mature plants that we have and the first one I have ready to rehome is in the photo below- it’s my absolute favourite- the YELLOW. This one is very scented and the colour is great.

Baby Brug..Ready to leave home…£20
Mummy Yellow Brugmansia on our patio in the summer.

Details> The young plant is 30ins tall. It will need to be re-potted and can go outside once all risk of frost has passed. We feed ours weekly and plenty of space is needed as they grow large and will need to be in a cold greenhouse between Oct-May as they are tender. They are toxic but we have no problems with ours-give them the respect they demand by being careful when pruning & deadheading.

Baby Brug is £20. I do not do mail order & this plant would not be suitable for that anyway. So collection is essential from Broadstone, BH18 8HD.

Please email me if you are interested… Ofcourse you are welcome to come and view first before buying-the Nursery is now open on Thurs & Friday between 10-4pm but other times welcome by appointment, including evenings. Tel: 01202 695256