Nepeta Subsessilis on SALE

Happy new month planty people (week 11 for shielding) and I wish you all a happier month than the previous 10 weeks that we have been locked down, thanks to the Covid-19.

Normally we would have been selling at 7 different plant events by now, many of which would have been our biggest earners of the plant season. However, due to having to shield myself and be extremely careful to try and not catch the virus, I have been selling from home using a contact-free system. It’s been weird not seeing and meeting customers but everyone seems very happy with their plants and the safe way things have been going. My lovely helpful Hubby (who’s very smart now he’s had a haircut lol) will deliver on Sundays for orders over £20 in this local area.

I have a glut of a lovely nectar plant called Nepeta Subsessilis for sun or some part shade. These are either blue OR pink, I can’t tell which at the moment as they aren’t flowering yet-so all the best is to come! Dead head and they will carry on flowering. These are large plants,and I am selling them at £2.50 each- yes, only £2.50. First come, first served, so email me on

I still have plenty of ALSTROEMERIA INDIAN SUMMER available too, 2Lt plants that are just budding up @£9 each.


Flowers of a blue Nepeta Subsessilis £2.50 per pot


One of the actual Nepeta Subsessilis that are for sale £2.50 each…what a bargain!! Plants of Alstroemeria Indian Summer are just behind.

Stock List

The availability list is still growing…a good choice of cottage garden style plants available to local buyers now (BH18 8HD) and also a local delivery is available on a Sunday on orders over £20, but only in this local area.

We still have quite a few different Lobelia’s- including Pink Elephant, Hadspen Purple, Butterfly Blue, Compton Pink & Tania. I love these perennial plants with their vivid coloured flowers that last well on in the year if dead headed.

Please email me on if you’d like to place an order.

My Northbrook Nursery Facebook page remains very busy with a lot of customers ordering through the Inbox on there. Please have a look and give us a LIKE!

Happy Gardening Everyone x


pink elephant

Covid-19 & Shielding..

I’m glad that I have managed to get past the stage of calling the virus ”Corvid”…the members of the Crow family round here weren’t at all impressed!

This week lots of plant nurseries and garden centres were allowed to re-open after a good few weeks of trying to sell their plants by mail order or delivery. We will remain CLOSED and battle on trying to sell our stock using a contact-free method involving collecting yourself or a weekly Sunday delivery by my Hubby. I have to say, this has been working really well.

Myself, I have been advised to continue shielding until the end of June at the earliest. This is a daunting prospect, as although to be frank, I am petrified of catching the Coronavirus as I have CLL which is a type of Leukaemia. I am approaching treatment & my immune system is severely immunocompromised making it very likely that I will end up being that person in ICU on a ventilator if I catch it. After 8 weeks, the strain of not being able to see and cuddle my kids and Grandchildren- and Hubby- is beginning to grip. We are relatively lucky where we live-our area has had a low number of cases & fatalities as compared to London for example.

Shielding…Hhmmm….life shielding means no contact with anyone else.It means living in fear that my essential worker Hubby will catch it himself or bring it home to me and having to social distance from him in the home-just when you so need a good cuddle.. It means feeling stressed & weeping when you can’t get a home delivery shopping slot- even after you sit up till midnight 2 nights in a row-as you don’t want Hubby to have to go in the germ pit which is Tesco, but really you just want to go yourself. It means feeling euphoric when you get a priority shopping pass!! And religiously wiping down everything, just in case…And washing those hands again & again…And using lots of handcream lol. It means looking forward to Thursday nights clapping for the NHS as it’s the only time you see the neighbours. I could go on and on, but I won’t 😀

Instead I will give Thanks for not living in a flat but having a lovely big garden to get out in and my plant sales business which is in it’s busy time. I give Thanks that I bought that pallet of compost in when I did!!  I give Thanks for being able to get in my car & drive 5 minutes up the road to my Father-in-laws where the other half of my plant stock is, safe in my own area.I give Thanks for the offers of help from my Family & friends all of whom are safe from the virus so far.

And Thanks to all the lovely local customers that have purchased plants from us so far this season. Please have a look at the Available Stock 2020 page which has all the details you need on there.


Still lots of small plants awaiting their new homes,in our conservatory! 3 for £10



Please email me on if you’d like to buy some plants.

And most of all STAY SAFE, don’t take any risks & STAY HOME as much as possible!




Dear Customers and Visitors to my website,

The Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating for a lot of businesses & plant nurseries in particular have been hit with closing just when they are fully stocked, a lot selling bedding plants ready for the Spring & Summer seasons.

The government are relaxing closures for a lot of plant outlets from tomorrow (Weds 12th May 2020) and many garden centres and nurseries will be able to re-open if they are careful to observe social distancing.



Our contact free system of pre-ordering, paying and collecting yourself or having a local delivery on a Sunday on orders over £20, will continue. I understand that it is preferential to actually see what you would like to buy before ordering, but if you are worried, please ask for me to send you a photo of a particular plant so you know what it’s like- I am most happy to help.

Thank you and stay safe people-the Covid virus is still out there & now isn’t the time to take risks.

Plants Plants Plants!

Plenty of hardy & half hardy perennials for sale here. Please look at the Stock list for what’s on offer right now, although more varieties are becoming available as the season progresses & the list will be updated regularly. Baby plants and larger plants all ready to go to new homes.

No mail order-sorry. Contact-free collection yourself or a free local delivery service for orders over £20 on Sundays only. Please email me on with any queries and with orders. Thank you  😀

I have a small number of Pelargonium x Ardens for sale. They have the most exquisite flowers and grow well for me in an unheated greenhouse all winter with very little attention! In 1Lt pots with a very well established root system, they are £10 per pot.



My Babies Must Leave Home!!

It’s that time of year where we present the 9cm/10cm young plants that are on offer this season. I have listed them below with the relevant horti info for you. 

Please note that these babies have been reared under cover, as young plants always need a bit more tlc, so they will need hardening off and ofcourse should we suddenly get a cold snap with frosts, watch out for them please! Some of them have been ‘pinched out’ to encourage them to bush more & some I haven’t. You may do this yourselves to make stockier plants if you want to.

The cost of these small ones is £3.50 each OR 3 for £10, mix and match, please yourselves.

Buddleja Buzz magenta2


Gaura KW2

Gazania CL2

Heuchera obsidian2

Kniphofia OVP2

Penstemon SG2Rudbeckia triloba2salvia AL2Salvia Kisses & wishes2Salvia hotlips2

Verbena Bon

verbena rigida1



 PRICE IS 3 FOR £10…OR £3.50 EACH.

Please email any orders through to OR via the nursery Facebook page.

Local buyers only please as I have a safe contact-free buying system in place where you place your order, you choose to pay either by BACs/Paypal or Cash & you collect yourself from outside 47 NORTHBROOK ROAD. Delivery on orders OVER £20 is possible in the local area-Broadstone,Corfe Mullen,Upton or Oakdale, but only on a Sunday.

Thank you!



Spring is here!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are managing to keep safe and are staying at home unless you have to go out to work,shop or for exercise. As I am in the most vulnerable group, I have to shield & have no contact with anyone for 12 weeks- 8 to go!! Never have I been so glad that I work from home & that the weather is dry.

It’s such a shame that Covid-19 has struck us right now, as all the early plant fairs & events are cancelled until at least July. Consequently, I am trying to think of other contact free ways to sell my perennial plants which is tricky being as I can’t go out & other people are only supposed to go out for essential reasons!

I have created a list of plants that are available to buy right now & will add to the list as time progresses. They are all marked with the pot size and price.

PLEASE NOTE that mail order is NOT available.

Sales are only for more local people, either to collect from here (47 Northbrook Rd Broadstone BH18 8HD UK) Or we have just started to offer a delivery service to the local area only on a Sunday (when Hubby is available to do it) This covers Broadstone, Corfe Mullen, Upton and Oakdale and is free on orders over £20. Other areas, £1 per mile will be charged.

To purchase> Decide which plants you would like, email me ( or PM on the nursery page on Facebook, choose which method of payment you would like- BACs/ Paypal/Cash & how you would like to receive your plants. And that’s it!

Please have a look at the Stock Availability List 2020.

Happy Gardening!

Extraordinary times….

We didn’t expect to be in these surreal times when we raised a glass to welcome in 2020. But here we are in weird times, jogging along from day to day not knowing what to expect the next day-or even the next minute! Usually we are getting ready to start our first plant fairs of the season, but all events are cancelled until July at the earliest.

Consequently plant nurseries all over the country are at full capacity of young stock, many starting the season early with Spring bedding and later Summer bedding. Many are giving plants away or composting them as they need the growing room for the plants for later in the season.

What about us? We always start our season selling small 9cm plants most of which are perennials, some less hardy than others.At the moment we have 800 plug plants of 15 varieties growing on, ready to be sold in about May, to be planted out after the threat of frost has gone. With no events to take all these plants to, lack of space might well be a real issue as well as some of them are used for Summer colour.

I am in isolation for 12 weeks (10 more to go from now!) as I am in the extremely vulnerable group, which means that if I get the c-virus I will probably be hospitalised. How lucky I am to work from home, so that I can get out in the fresh air! No other contact with anyone though-no shops, no friends,no family other than hubby, nothing.To shield myself.

Because of this, I am not able to do mail order or to offer delivery.

I have at the moment a small selection of perennial plants to sell & have devised a contact-free method of selling to LOCAL people who can walk here to collect, as ofcourse non essential travel is not allowed. So- you select which plants you fancy & pre-order via email, choose how to pay (Bacs, Paypal or cash) and collect from the front of the property. All plants are priced at £5 per pot with the minimum pot size 1lt. If you want to pre-order any of the plants listed below, please email me on       Thank you.


Polemonium Stairway to Heaven 1.5lt


Polemonium Halfway to Paradise 1.5lt



Enter a caption


Parahebe Mervyn 1lt



Erythronium Pagoda 2lt



Scilla Peruviana- 1 bulb per pot







Happy Christmas!

Wishing all our plant customers a very happy Festive Season and all good wishes for a successful 2020!

We are looking forward to the new growing season which starts in March for us, when our new stock arrives ready to be potted up.

See you at next year’s plant fairs & events which start in April.Christmas-Facebook-Wallpapers

Andover Gardening Fair

This Sunday-30th June-(the last day of June already!) will bring the 2nd year of the Gardening Fair held in Andover High St. between 10-2. Entry is free and there will be a good selection of sellers there and also entertainment.

There is more info here>..

We will be taking a good variety of cottage & nectar perennial plants for your garden, including some large 4lt Rudbeckia Deamii, Red Hot Pokers, Asters & Salvia.

Hope to see you on the day!